Paul is a musician based in Switzerland and England.


Paul plays the cello, piano, bass guitar, and clarinet. None of them particularly well.


He likes to walk through nature, though he doesn't do it much. 

He loves to compose, although he prefers to arrange, and play music with friends.


In his teenage years, he took lessons in harmony, counterpoint, & conducting at the Basel-Musik Akademie. He doesn't remember much of it. 


From time to time, he conducts new and (very) old music together with the Herrmann String Ensemble & the Camerata Rhein.

Currently, Paul is attempting to finish his degree in composition at the Zürich University of the Arts under the guidance of Prof. Kaspar Ewald, Olav Lervik, and Mathias Steinauer. Before moving to Zürich, he kind of studied Physics.

"Paul is one of the most outstanding talents we've met... Remember that name, Paul is already making

his mark and I have no doubt he'll do great things in ALL of the musical genres he's interested in.

     -Nan Schwartz (Grammy Award-Winning Composer/Arranger)

"He's so focused, his vision is remarkable."

     -Christopher Young (Film Composer)